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Our philosophy is that growing great corals takes time, care, and a great deal of knowledge. Here at Dragonfly Corals, we combine all those aspects to create corals suited for the finest aquariums.


We create corals we would be proud to own ourselves, and we do it in a way that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Who are We?

Dragonfly Corals began in 2006 when Karen along with her husband Bruce Britton decided to change directions with her fledgling company. They decided to move the operation from inside to a greenhouse and concentrate on growing coral for wholesale.


Karen had an idea for a way to grow coral that was different from what anyone else was doing . With the help of her stepfather, they designed and built a prototype. The prototype, a 750 gallon system, was set up and tested in the first greenhouse. After a year it was deemed a success and plans were made for expansion.


Karen and Bruce then applied for a patent to protect her design. In the spring of 2007 three more greenhouses were erected with the help of friends and family. This brought their capacity to 3000 gallons.


Patents were issued in 2011 and 2012 for the company's growing process and in February of 2013 the patent was featured in Scientific American's patient watch column.


Dragonfly Corals has grown steadily and has developed a reputation for delivering high quality aquacultured Corals and excellent service. They now serve customers in central Indiana and across the Midwest.

Karen Britton

CEO & Founder


Karen Spartz with her husband, Bruce Britton, are coral farmers based out of Noblesville, Indiana. They have been happily married for the past 10 years. Together, they are Dragonfly Corals and for the past 7 years they have grown and sold 12-15 species of coral with their very own, patented technique. An Army Veteran (1990 – 1993), Karen was part of the storied 10th Mountain Division. After the service, Karen enrolled at Indiana University where she earned her undergrad degree in 1995, and her Masters Degree (in geography) in 1998.


Karen has been a life long aquarist. Starting in freshwater she set up and maintained many different types of tanks, including Amazon, African Cichlid, and Native fish tanks, eventually moving to saltwater reef tanks.

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